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When you look at the whole picture, not just telecom, you begin to understand Netcom. Voice and data married harmoniously on one network, your network, your world, connected. Our goal is to provide your business with the best long-term communication & technology plan. Our success lies in comprehensive partnering solutions, allowing our customers to continually benefit from emerging technologies, making them more efficient, productive, and profitable.
Cloud Based / Hosted VoIP

With Netcom’s Cloud based / Hosted Business Phone Services, you gain access to state-of-the-art, fully redundant phone systems at a fraction of the cost of traditional landlines. VoIP-enabled phones use the internet to make and receive calls on your office extension from anywhere — your office, your home, or even a hotel room on a business trip.

Telephone Systems

Netcom has been providing sales and service on many types of telephone systems for over 20 years.  From the old analog systems of the past to the latest and great in technology VoIP systems and every level in between.  What ever your business needs are, Netcom has a solution..


We provide customized structured cabling  installations with the ability to expand, upgrade and reconfigure all of your wiring needs to meet current and future business demands. Our Cabling capabilities ensure a job well done for our clients obtaining their total satisfaction.

Connecting all your business needs the right way

Netcom provides premium connectivity services for business. The expertise provided by Netcom exceeds the expectations of connectivity for its clients. Please contact us for more information about our services.

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Connecting With Those Who We Serve

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Why Chose Netcom?

Because we provide great processes that satisfy our clients.


No need to buy or pay maintenance fees on a complex PBX system at your office. Your hosted PBX system is delivered right over your Internet connection. Put all your employees on the same system regardless of their location. Whether they are traveling, working from home, or at a satellite location if you have a good Internet connection it will be as if you are in the same office. Perfect fit for growing businesses. Add as many extensions as you need now, then add more as you need them. Don’t order phones lines anymore, order extensions from us and get as many lines as you need at no additional cost. You can take your phone anywhere in the world. If you have access to a good Internet connection, you can be in your office. Your phone call quality is as good as your Internet connection, and local area network configuration.

MiVoice Business (formerly the Mitel Communications Director (MCD)) can be implement on any network, within any infrastructure, or any platform. It can deliver the seamless integration of voice, mobility, unified messaging, presence, conferencing, collaboration, applications, and more – enabling faster, more effective business communications. Through a variety of embedded applications, MiVoice Business enables businesses to offer functionality tailored to the needs of specific job roles and individual preferences based on varying needs for external communication, degree of mobility, and other role-based drivers. Some of the embedded applications include: Conferencing, Contact Center, Hot Desking. Employees can create ad-hoc conferences that can include up to eight people – internal or external – easily via their desk phone or softphone. MiVoice Business provides 64 conferences circuits that can be used in any combination up to a max of eight per conference call.

Netcom provide a great array of cabling systems for all businesses that need this type of service. Netcom prides itself of really providing dependable engineers that can install networks the right way. Cabling is a great featured service that Netcom has. Clients really see a good value in Netcom Cabling for the following reasons. Easy to manage, the adaptability of the structured cabling systems and technology behind it because can support great amounts of data in their data centers. Also creates less downtime due to the structuration being arranged correctly and the number of cables installed handles data a whole lot better. A properly installed cabling system is indeed cost effective also; it enhances productivity, provokes a faster rollout of the applications used and it is easy to troubleshoot.

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Netcom is here to help you with your connectivity needs along the way, from start to finish. Call us today for a quote and we assure we can move forward with a great service.

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More Flexibility

VoIP provides a great way for businesses to have phone numbers around the globe. Also brings easy ways to set up instead of going through complex processes. Granted, VoIP provides good possibilities of connectivity anywhere.

Sound Quality

The quality of the sound through VoIP offers better clarity than the traditional phone networks. Businesses have been making so much improvement in their productivity because they are able to listen loud and clear.

Cost Savings

So, why does it cost less? Well, VoIP provides way better features than traditional systems. Maintenance fees can be cut in half due to the easiness of the installation that modern equipment provides.

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